Does this upper cervical chiropractic anatomy research affect your practice?

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Does upper cervical chiropractic anatomy research affect your practice?

It does if you provide any care in the upper cervical spine.

Too often the misinformed proclaim there is no correlation between chiropractic care and headaches.
They cite a lack of double-blinded research studies (best suited for drug research) as their “proof”. Or cite poorly performed research of “manipulations” performed by non-chiropractic practitioners as proof of no efficacy.

The better we understand the upper cervical chiropractic anatomy the better we understand the correlation of misalignments with related problems such as headaches. Is there interference to nerve tissue causing subluxation? That is for you to determine. But, anatomist have overlooked the link between the dura mater and the muscles in the sub-occipital triangle for years. It wasn’t until a chiropractic anatomy instructor from Logan college recently discovered this anatomical link.

Listen in on this audio interview with Dr. Frank Scali as we discuss his research in this profound area.

This finding may not change the way you practice, but it may help you better understand and explain the importance of chiropractic care.

What do you think?

You can learn more about Dr. Scali at:

Council of Chiropractic Education is up for their own accreditation with the U.S. Department of Education

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National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity, Office of Postsecondary Education: Evaluates Council Chiropractic Education

Atlas Shrugged of the chiropractic profession

The CCE is up for their own accreditation in December of 2011.
For practicing DC’s it isn’t difficult to see the disconnect between the reality of practicing and the educational standards the CCE tries to uphold and steer into a more drug influenced, allopathic health care model.

Most DC’s didn’t go to school to became third-rate doctor’s, standing in line behind the osteopaths at the

Attempt to Open Drugs in Chiropractic | Bill Text: IL Senate Bill 1843 – 97th General Assembly

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Bill Text: IL Senate Bill 1843 – 97th General Assembly

A bill, proposed in Illinois state legislature, attempts to remove the “chiropractors may not prescribe drugs or do surgery” provision from their state law.

This would be a logical step in changing the legislature in such a way to open the door for future introduction of drug prescription rights for chiropractors practicing in Illinois.

Here is the proposed bill currently being debated as of Friday, May 20, 2011.
IL Senate Bill 1843
The second picture shows, in red, the proposed “minor” change.

What is your chiropractic response to the Japanese earthquake? | Content Creation Strategies

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The earthquake in Japan is a horrible tragedy of tremendous proportions. The loss of life, property and the long term effects of this tragedy have yet to be fully comprehended. But, not all the news we read needs to be negative.
My question to chiropractors: How are you involved?

I am not suggesting you must be involved by sending money, although that is great.
How are you involved with the news people in your practice are digesting daily about this tragedy?
Are you addressing the issue relating to it from the chiropractic perspective? Or, is it business as usual?
“Garbage in equals garbage out”, right? If all your patients are feeding their brain is the images of this tragedy how is that affecting their nervous system?
Adjusting subluxations isn’t all about moving bones and ignoring other poor lifestyle habits, right?

4 Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster Related Facts to Remind your patients

1. Exercise can counteract negative stress The relation of physical activity and exercise to mental health. Encourage your patients and practice members to step away from the constant stream of earthquake news on the internet and television. Encourage them to get some exercise. It is not only good for their body, it is good for their mind. Personally, I have always recommended patients do not watch the news before bed and get off the computer at least an hour before too.

Annual Sleep in America Poll Exploring Connections with Communications Technology Use and Sleep

Read a book, have some tea and unwind. Stay away from the fluorescent light and stick with bulb light.

2. Avoid charity related scams
Tragedy seems to bring out the best and worse in people. How people can purposely mislead others at the expense of the Japanese earthquake is beyond me.