CrossFit and Chiropractic Series: Brian Strump, DC reveals how to start a practice and a CrossFit box

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Chiropractic, CrossFit and marketing your practice

Let me start off by saying CrossFit is not chiropractic. Keeping the two separate and distinct in your mind may serve you well. However, people in your community make no such distinction. As a matter of fact you are lumped in with all the other doctors, therapists and any body else who works with the body. People have only one thing on their mind, “Can you help me?”. “How long will it take?” and “How much will it cost?”. They seek solutions to their problems. More and more are looking for lifestyle help. CrossFit meets this need and picks up where chiropractic leaves off.

It is my humble opinion chiropractic and CrossFit have much to offer each other. You may have heard “this-or-that” about CrossFit. I would implore you to check out a CrossFit gym in your area with the same open mind you went into with chiropractic. CrossFit is a lifestyle, like chiropractic with benefits way beyond the expected. CrossFit is a brand name and we have no official affiliation with the CrossFit headquarters, just plenty of respect. At the heart of CrossFit is the functional fitness model.

Without further delay, please allow me to introduce Brian Strump, DC

He is the founder and owner of both CrossFit Steele Creek and Premier Health & Rehab Solutions. His passion for health and fitness led him to Chiropractic School and later to become certified in CrossFit. Dr. Strump practices full-time in the adjoining Premier Health & Rehab Solutions and often will have his patients in the CrossFit facility doing their rehab. Dr. Strump also Coaches CrossFit throughout the week and has a special interest in the bio-mechanics of proper lifting techniques. He is a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, Level I CrossFit Certified Trainer, and CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified. Post Graduate studies in: Exercise Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation of the Spine, Clinical Posture Assessment, and Therapy and Exercises.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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  • Dwayne Hoskins

    Actually just got done with a conversation about CrossFit about 2 hours ago…great timing on this, DrJ.

    • Joseph Doughty

      Jump on in to CrossFit the water is warm. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • Joseph Doughty

      Jump on in to CrossFit the water is warm. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • Drjones103

    Just watched the video, great stuff.  I was wondering if I could get a copy of that PDF about nutrition that you give to patients I would love to have something like that for use with my patients.

    • Joseph Doughty

      Dr Jones,
      I am still working on getting this together for you.