Attempt to Open Drugs in Chiropractic | Bill Text: IL Senate Bill 1843 – 97th General Assembly

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Bill Text: IL Senate Bill 1843 – 97th General Assembly

A bill, proposed in Illinois state legislature, attempts to remove the “chiropractors may not prescribe drugs or do surgery” provision from their state law.

This would be a logical step in changing the legislature in such a way to open the door for future introduction of drug prescription rights for chiropractors practicing in Illinois.

Here is the proposed bill currently being debated as of Friday, May 20, 2011.
IL Senate Bill 1843
The second picture shows, in red, the proposed “minor” change.

Rather than go for drug prescription rights in one legislative bill, this apparently “minor” change simply removes the “drug and surgery free” legal language associated with chiropractic. Nothing in the bill states chiropractors can prescribe drugs.

So, there you have it doctor. Do we prescribe drugs and do surgery, as some in our profession would have us? Or do we make a stand against drugs and surgery in the profession?

What can you do?

If you are a chiropractor in the state of Illinois, give your state senate representative a call TODAY, and voice your view.

If you do not practice in Illinois, I do not know any reason why you cannot contact the Illinois state representatives to voice your same concerns. This is a country of free speech, right?

The New Mexico prescription drug bill HR 127 was defeated in March. But, this bill may be harder to defeat as it already has 56 Yea’s and 0 Nay’s.

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I do not profess to speak for the entire profession, as there are some who agree with a scope of practice to include drugs and surgery. My view is no secret, but feel free to voice your opinion below in the comments. As long as the comments are civil I will post them

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  • Chiropractic Future

    This bill is to allow chiropractors to advise patients about supplements and on non-prescriptive drugs OTC drugs. To limit the education you spent so much time and money on is disheartening. Chiropractors are educated in supplement taking and this gray area needs to be addressed. It’s awful to know that if this bill were to not pass, that it would be illegal to educate a patient on how much advil a patient should or should not take, but that it would be legal to listen to the advice of a friend or relative who is not as educated as a chiropractor. 

    Please think long term. Supplements will soon be prescription only, and our treatments provided to our patients will be compromised. 

    • Joseph Doughty

      No, this bill changes the wording so as to allow an incremental progress towards prescription drugs. Time will tell who is right.

      Prescription for supplements has been an ongoing goal for pharmaceutical companies for many years. OTC and supplements are not in the same category. If you think supplements will be be available by prescription, like many in western european countries, then perhaps direct your efforts at politically fighting this effort. In europe, CODEX is the strong arm of the pharmaceutical companies when it comes to supplements.

      I have not intention to “limit mine or any chiropractors right to practice”. If you want to prescribe drugs, simply go to medical school. Stop trying to backdoor it into chiropractic. The profession was founded on a drug-less approach to better health. More prescription drug prescribers in an already over-drugged society is not the answer.

      Thank you for your comments.

      • Gtkchiro

        I Agree with Dr.Joe. big pharma has pushed more than its share of drugs in our society. Most of my patients tell me what medications they are taking and its not for 2-3 months, they are advised to take them for the rest of thier life. A few yrs. ago I went to my pcp for a routine physical and my tryglicerides were on overload @ 145 he prescribed me a Statin drug which by the way gave me an adverse reaction of constant muscle cramps and I was advised to take this medication for the rest of my life. I stopped taking the statin drug, got my butt in gear and did the alternative. Strict diet with whole food supplements and moderate exercise. Back to my pcp for a follow up 3 months later with lab results, triglycerides down to 60. My M.D. was amazed how wonderfull the Statin drugs have worked in said this was deffinitly what I needed and stay on it. Once I told him that I was on the medication for only 1 week and did the alternative, he was in total AWE and did’nt believe me @ first, until he saw how serious I was. Chiropractic care is the ultimate alternative,Most of today’s patient are looking for an (ALTERNATIVE) from all the medications they have to take on a dialy basis. They just don’t know it and believe me thier M.D. is not going to tell them to run out the door and go down the street to the chiropractor. We as a proffesion need to get out into the main streem and let these people know that they have as a chioce to stay and be healthy with chiropractic in conjunction with a good diet and exercise of a wellness lifestyle.
        I am not saying that medicine does’nt work, yes of course it helps in saving peoples lifes from disease but in certain healthcare curcumstances just how much medicine is good medicine.    

        • Joseph Doughty

          This says it all. Ctkchiro had two paths to choose from regarding his health. Make minimal lifestyle changes and expect medications (a treatment of effect) to lower his triglycerides. Or, buck the system and status quo by taking charge of his own health and making important lifestyle changes. Prescription drugs are a huge money making industry that feeds off fear and lies people are willing to believe regarding their health and well being. Outspoken MD’s are often ostracized from the pharmaceutical system just the way any other health professional is who speaks out against drugs.

  • Jcolo

    To increase the scope of practice to physicians of chiropractic will be not be a problem with proper training. The outcome for this increase of scope is do for increase knowledge of medicine and staff privilages at hospitals. We need doctors of chiropractic, just as now we have allopathic physicians, osteopathic pyhsicians-they were just like chiropractic in the days, chiropractic physicians. We need to make a stand for the profession of chiropractic in order to achieve the fruitful of care chiropractic medicine-primary care medicine that it brings to the world.

  • Sonodoc

    I am praying for the day laws are passed for us to take continuing education classes to allow us to expand our scope.  I am a DC working in an interdisciplinary pain management practice.  It is embarrasing to be so educated and not be able to perform procedures or write certain orders because of reimbursement issues or scope laws, and then see physician assistants and nurse practioners allowed to do anything under the sun with half the education that I have.  Not one of my close friends that I graduated chiropractic school is doing very well, half have gone back to DO or MD school and I have considered it.  I probably plan on expanding my education in something with a future and not chiropractic.  However if there is a scope increase I would be willing to wait a little longer. The only reason I have a position is that I have special training in an imaging modality. There isnt a day that goes by that I wish I had chosen a different path. The profession seems to be dying and a scope increase seems to be the only beacon.  If anyone can give me some info about if there are talks in the works or any future plans for an increase in scope I would love to hear about it. 

    • chiroinnate

      If you are a DC, as in Doctor of ChiropracTIC, I do not undertsand why you would prescribe drugs, and why you would work in a PAIN MANAGEMENT PRACTICE? If you were a good student when attending chiropractic school, you would have known that we do not treat any diseases, nor symptoms. Our job as Chiropractors is to adjust a misalignment of the spine which are causing nerve interference, aka a SUBLUXATION. Do you really believe that the body is stupid? With all the drugs and interventions we have going for us today, why are we still the sickest nation in the world? Clearly something is not working. Why would you treat the symptoms? The symptoms are there for a reason. They tell you that something is not right. It might be anything, but does it really help anyone to take a pill to take the pain away? yes, for a short period of time, but if you are not adressing the cause, will it ever change? The body, which is not stupid, will probably just make it worse. There’s a reason why that happens! If your friends were good adjusters, they would have a lot of patients, and having a great practice. That’s all you need. Get additional training in adjusting patients, how to find a subluxation, and you will have more fun helping people than you ever imagined. Miracle cases walk out my door daily. Do not forget why you chose this profession in the first place. You do not need drugs or surgery to survive in this profession. 

      • sonodoc

        Oh man, you are the problem.  This is why the country does not trust our profession, mostly because we preach this subluxation crap, and it being the end all be all.  So are you telling me if someone has gall stones in pain and they go to the ER , you should adjust them, and not give them pain pills or address the “CAUSE” by removing the gallbladder.  Your ignorant.  You need to wake up.  As a Chiropractor you have minimal health care experience.  You have no idea how a hospital or ER operate, Or what actual extrememly ill patients looks like.  You deal with such superficial problems.  We happen to get the Dr. title because of our education not our scope. 
        Being a good adjuster has nothing to do with it.  It is so absurd that you would think that.    I was the head clinic instructor at my alum solely because I was a ”good” adjuster  and was taught by one of the so called top “adjusters” in the profession and he was making around 60 k a year.  According to the US government we are the top default rate of professional degrees by a staggering margin, which keeps increasing every day.  Do you really think all of those DC’s were “bad” adjusters,  Im probably just wasting my time and intelligence talking to a brain washed idiot like yourself, but Ill continue

        Like a true quack you get off the subject of what this discussion was initially addressing and start talking philosophy nonsense, mainly because that’s all you know.  Thats your go to BS. It doesnt change that insurance is denying claims at a record rate and fraud keeps increasing because clinics are finding it hard to stay open.  For example we cant even give simple school physical, but a PA can.  Its ridiculous. We have twice the education and knowledge.  So why would they restrict such a thing.  Its because we paint ourselves in a corner, with “the subluxation” and thats all we focus on, except guys like you who are anti-medical, which is killing us, and keeping us right where we have always been, NOWHERE.  Average patient poplulation getting DC care is about 5%.  Why do you think that is?

        Remember, this was about economic growth, our profession has not changed in the last 100 years because we have not changed.  If your able to make it, believe me, you are the exception not the rule.   Out of my 10 close friends and also people they know, most are not practicing or just barely getting by.  I have only 1 friend who is doing well, and he is a terrible adjuster, he doesnt even adjust the neck because he cant. 

        Please stop embarrasing yourself, you give the sane DC’s a bad name.

        • chiroinnate

          I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand. I never said I’m anti-medicine. There is a time and place for everything. If they have gallstones, of course they should go to the ER. An adjustment would not take away the gallstones.That is why we do not treat symptoms and affects. Chiropractic is preventative. Do you think there is a reason why they got gall stones? What if they were healthy, not fat, ate FOOD instead of crap in a wrapping, exercised, and limited stress. Would people be more healthy? YES!
          Minimal health CARE experience? So are you saying that popping pills for anything is health care? I’m just wondering why in the world you went to chiropractic school in the first place. You are obviously riding the medical paradigm.  Medicine is about what causes man to die, and chiropractic is about what causes man to live. Who is more off topic than you? Medicine is one profession, and chiropractic another. When you blend those two, you’re OFF topic. It’s like being jew and muslim at the same time.. NOT possible.  

  • Btsmart

    If DC want to prescribe medication, he/she should do hospital residency or in a primary care clinic setting.

  • Adv Trek

    The cult side of chiropractic holistic profiteers have no shame with quackery, while the rest of us are simply trying to care for our patients with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and maybe do a stitch or two on someone’s elbow after a fall…For God’s sake, we spend more years in school than nurse practitioners or physician assistants, but they have a larger scope of practice than us!