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Do You Have Enough Chiropractic Passion To Podcast? [Video] How To Make It Work

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Marketing Your Passion for Chiropractic With Podcasting

In the video series below Dwayne Hoskins, DC shares some of his passion for chiropractic and how he inspires others with his podcasting radio show on The Rock Star Chiropractic Project.

Dr. Hoskins started his exposure to Chiropractic in High School. He was on the baseball team and over-swung at a high-fast one (ok, it wasn’t that fast, but it was high school). His cousin’s father-in-law is a Chiropractor, and they deal with the spine, right, so his mom and dad packed him into the station wagon and away they went. Dr. McCann (Hoopeston, IL) treated him and he repaired quickly. Read more here…

Part 1:
How did Doc Hoskins get his start in chiropractic podcasting?
Where can the doctor new to podcasting get started?
How important is your passion for chiropractic?
B.J. Palmer was a pioneer in radio and television, what can we learn from him about podcasting?

Part 2:

Find out why patients will listen to you no matter what.
Who do you share your beliefs in chiropractic with?
How do you share your message of chiropractic and health?
Can chiropractors put aside their differences to progress forward?

Part 3:
What kind of equipment do you need to start podcasting?
What stops chiropractors from podcasting and how to avoid those pitfalls.
What works best to grow your audience and how you can improve the quality?
Is your message brand-focussed?

You can watch the entire episode below uninterrupted.

If you would like more information about podcasting to promote your practice then check out our podcasters club.


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  • Dwayne Hoskins

    WOW, this guy ROX…. just kidding.  It is interesting to see myself being interviewed.  Another skill set is to take the time to watch/listen to yourself, and learn what you need to improve.  Step by step, little by little, day by day, we all need to improve.

    Thanks, Joseph, for interviewing me, and for taking the time to edit and post it here.

    oh, I LOVE the first 25 seconds of this — totally KOOL !!!

  • Anonymous

    Super informative for chiros, If they begin utilizing these outlets online. weather it be podcasting or shooting testimonials in their clinic they could significantly improve search rankings and dominate the competition… thats one of the reasons I created Chiro SEO Dominator   

    Check it out if you get a chance!